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Comprehensive Services – Fulfilling Your Fundamental Requirements.

At AgapeCare Australia, we prioritise aligning with each individual’s routine to ensure their utmost comfort and well-being. Our dedicated support personnel are readily accessible to address any concerns or inquiries promptly.

We offer extensive round-the-clock services, encompassing a wide array of essential tasks:
• Household Chores: Assistance with daily tasks to maintain a clean and organised home environment.
• Personalised Care: Tailored services to meet individual needs, ensuring personalised attention and care.
• Compassionate Support: Guidance and assistance through life-stage transitions, providing emotional and practical support.
• Community Engagement: Facilitation of activities that promote social inclusion and fulfillment, helping clients stay connected and engaged with their community.

At AgapeCare Australia, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and compassionate support that enhances the quality of life for each of our clients.

Development life skills

Financial intermediary – setup costs, training in planning and plan management building financial skills, organisational skills, and enhancing the participant’s ability to direct their supports and/or develop self-management capabilities. Intensive behaviour intervention, development, and monitoring of management plan. Positive behaviour management strategies, individualised social skills development. At AgapeCare we have a range of services available that help participants build these foundational skills and are covered by the NDIS including support coordination, Core Supports, Capacity Building, Supported Housing and Care. Our services help individuals develop functional and meaningful skills to increase participation in everyday life. We can help you or your child build self-care, meal preparation and social communication skills.

Life Stage Transitions

Supports in this registration group are designed to help participants better coordinate their various supports while also improving their ability to live independently and be active in their communities. Transitioning between the various stages of life is difficult and can be particularly difficult for people living with disabilities; Assist-Life Stage, Transition exists to make those transitions go as smoothly as possible by providing individualised support. life transition planning (mentoring, peer support, individual skill, etc.) financial organisation assistance, general personal development, making social connections, help with decision making and daily planning and budgeting.

Group & centre base activities

At AgapeCare, we assist and encourage participants to join in community, social and recreational activities with a group. The goal is to foster an inclusive and stimulating environment in which participants meet new people and can create networks. They make new friends, participate in activities, and learn new skills, all while socialising and having fun. A broad range group-based activities and programs can be organised to participants, including Arts and crafts, Music, Sport, Dance, Board games, Trivia, Disco, Cooking, Tours, Travel.


Innovative community participation:

Community Participation activities help to develop confidence around other members of the community. AgapeCare Australia Innovative Community Participation Programs aims to support NDIS participants in development of skills to actively participate in their community.

Participate community – Participating in social & civic activities helps to build strong relationships within society as well as making you independent. It also greatly helps in bringing out your hidden talents. Community Participation activities are important to develop confidence around other members of the society. AgapeCare Australia’s Community Participation Programs are designed to support NDIS participants in building skills to actively participate in their community.

Support Coordination

If your NDIS plan includes Coordination of Supports, then we can help.
Our experienced Support Coordinators can support you to choose how you want your services to be provided and who you want to provide them. And then they can help you find the right providers for you, and get those services set up – including supporting you to decide the budget for each type of support and negotiating prices and service agreements. They can support you to coordinate those supports and help you to strengthen your informal networks. The NDIS is a big change for a lot of people. Your Support Coordinator can help you to navigate this new system, help you to manage your services and supports as well as help you to live your best life, especially during times of transition or crisis.

Daily Personal Activities

This funding is allocated in NDIS plans to provide support to people with Disability with personal task involved in daily living, so that they can live independently as possible wherever they call home. Household decision making, personal care and domestic tasks Assistance with household tasks, Meals on Wheels preparation and delivery of meals, assistance with and/or supervising tasks of daily life in independent living or shared living environment. Help with common household tasks and with personal hygiene is also available whether in your own home or in a (SIL) environment.

Daily Personal-Activities-

Assist – Travel / Transport

The NDIS provides transport assistance so that all participants have an equal opportunity to get around. Transport is an essential aspect of life for people living with disabilities, allowing them to engage with the community, contribute to the economy, educate themselves, and achieve greater independence. Various arrangements are available, from help with public transport to the provision of taxis. Participants whose disabilities prevent them from accessing ordinary forms of transport can take advantage of special arrangements that cater to their specific needs.

Household Tasks

Many people living with disabilities are unable to clean their houses on their own due to limited mobility. With that in mind, AgapeCare supports include essential cleaning in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and toilets. The funds provided under this category support for essential household tasks that NDIS participants are not able complete by themselves. Such tasks may include cleaning and laundry, home maintenance, gardening and landscaping, meal preparation, dish washing, ironing, fresh linen, banking and shopping, meal delivery, and assistance with specialised equipment. We help participants to establish and maintain a clean, safe, and pleasant living environment.

Mental Health Support

Not everyone living with a mental health condition has a disability and will need NDIS support. A mental health illness resulting in a disability is referred to as a psychosocial disability. This indicates that your condition has a severe impact on your life and affects your ability to perform daily activities.

AgapeCare Australia provides NDIS services to help people with mental health needs and disabilities thrive in their communities.
NDIS Mental Health Support. You may be eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme if you have a mental health condition (NDIS). While the term “mental health condition” is very broad (it can include mood, anxiety, personality, psychotic, and compulsive disorders that are temporary or lifelong


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