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Mental Health Support

AgapeCare Australia provides NDIS services to help people with mental health needs and disabilities thrive in their communities.

NDIS Mental Health Support.
You may be eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme if you have a mental health condition (NDIS). While the term “mental health condition” is very broad (it can include mood, anxiety, personality, psychotic, and compulsive disorders that are temporary or lifelong).

Mental Health services include:

The NDIS provides government funding to people with disabilities to assist them in paying for the services and supports they require because of their disability, such as recovery coaching. If you have a mental health problem, you may not consider yourself to have a disability, but it’s worth investigating whether you qualify for the NDIS.

AgapeCare Australia provides mental health services in the comfort of your home but if you require residential support, services will be provided in our therapeutic and safe homes supported by highly qualified and experienced staff.

Our mental health services are evidence-based, person-centred, caring, respectful and supportive. We appreciate that people’s needs are different so our experienced staff will work with everyone to devise a specific combination of services to suit their needs and goals.

Mental Health Support Services Type.
At AgapeCare Australia, we recognise that mental health recovery is a personal journey that is unique to each participant. Our knowledgeable support workers can help you with your mental health recovery and ensuring you have access to a variety of beneficial supports.

• NDIS mental health care provides functional supports to people with disabilities or mental illnesses.
• NDIS mental health focuses on improving outcomes for daily living and community engagement through specialised counselling and support.
• NDIS mental health support is tailored to each individual and their individualised plan, allowing participants to select the care that is best for them

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