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Assist – Travel / Transport

Catching public transport, from appointments, work, or to visit family and friends can be challenging sometimes. Our transport support includes enabling participants to build capacity to travel independently. This includes training to use public transport.

AgapeCare Australia staff can increase a participant’s independence through public transport training by helping you to learn public transport routes, bus/train timetables, buying and recharging, as well as how to use it. Our aim is to make your travel journey on public transport as easy and comfortable as possible, so you enjoy your time out and about in the community.

Services include:

A NDIS plan may also include the use of taxis or other private transport options, where a participant is not able to travel independently. AgapeCare Australia have a wheel-chair accessible van to support our participants who are unable to access public transport. We can drive you to your appointment or other places in the community and then drive you back.

We provide a convenient transport service, that can be scheduled in advance, that can take you to:
• Medical appointments
• Place of education
• Work
• Local shopping centre
• Anywhere else in your community

Assist-Travel / Transport Services Type.
Some examples of the types of support that may be included in your NDIS plan for travel and transport are:

• Transport to appointments and activities: This can include assistance with getting to and from medical appointments, therapy sessions, work, school, or other activities.
• Transport for social and recreational activities: This can include support for attending social events, participating in recreational activities, or visiting family and friends.
• Assistance with accessible transport: This can include support for using public transport, including assistance with accessible taxis, buses, and trains.
• Vehicle modifications and equipment: This can include modifications to your own vehicle or assistance with purchasing equipment like wheelchairs, mobility aids, or car hoists.
• Support for travel companions: This can include assistance with travel companions, including family members or support workers, who may travel with you to aid during your journey.
• Other travel and transport support: This can include any other support you need to help you with travel and transport, based on your individual goals and needs.

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