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Employment and Education

For NDIS participants with work or employment-related goals in their active plans, our Supported Employment and Education service is designed to provide comprehensive assistance to ensure success. We offer personalized support that includes career counseling, job placement, skill development, and ongoing mentoring.

Support to ensure success

For NDIS participants with employment-related goals in their active plans, our service is designed to provide comprehensive support to ensure their success.

We assist individuals with:

• Identifying Work Opportunities: Helping participants discover job opportunities that match their interests and skills.
• Skill Development: Providing training and development programs to acquire the necessary skills for their desired roles.
• Workplace Assessments: Conducting assessments to determine workplace suitability and assist with career planning.
• Ongoing Support: Offering continuous support within the chosen workplace to ensure a successful integration and sustained employment.

Our approach is not about simply placing individuals in any available job vacancy; instead, it focuses on empowering participants to succeed in the roles they choose. We work closely with each individual to tailor our support to their unique goals and aspirations, ensuring they thrive in their chosen career paths.

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